Arun with Snack!

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Arun with Snack!

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Snack! Bio

Once upon a time there was a funky little duo named “snack!” who were brought together by their love of tasty little treats, video game theme songs and shaking their flowing locks while playing rock music. They raised quite a stir playing their unique brand of “nibblecore”. People often commented on the experience by screaming, “Aural splendor” – Culture focus and “Thought provoking” – Guelph Mercury. Sometimes even “Songs that make the listener think”- Chart, would echo above the sound of cupcakes being devoured.

After a while, the two snack!sters began a search for the perfect two friends to share in their indulgences. Criteria were quite strict, as the new members could not be imposters just looking for a free Twinkie or two. Along came Arun Pal, a fiery snack!er capable of consuming massive amounts of delectable grub – while also playing drums. This was indeed a perfect match.



After a considerable wait, the scrumptious snack!ies met Dave Jones, who (well known to Adrian) quite often indulged in treats of the snack!ish kind. A bassist/guitarist/drummist extraordinaire, young Dave would have no problems laying the groove and bringing his brand of aural treats to the group. Now, with the new members added, snack! could truly say that they are “New and improved with double the taste and double the calories”.