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Dear Time Bio/Credits/Lyrics

As I was trying to fall asleep, the intro idea for Dear Time was in my head (initially I heard the intro idea as a guitar part but it ended up working better as a keyboard part!).  Along with the intro theme I felt a strong sense of the drum groove and it seemed interesting enough to me that I wanted to be sure I didn’t forget this musical fragment.  At the same time I was worried about being an annoying husband and waking up my wife if I got up to go to my recording studio, so instead I layed there mapping out the notes for the theme, the drum groove and eventually the verse melody.  Soon after, the chord changes for the chorus also became clear, and even the general vocal chorus melody.  Once I finished mapping out all the parts, I felt comfortable enough that I would retain all of these musical ideas for the next morning so I could track the song in the studio.  

The next morning I took a few hours to track the main parts starting with trying to play it as a piano arrangement, then adding drums second.  Eventually I added the lyrics and some vocals and guitar parts.  At this point I did not have set lyrics but later that day I realized the concept for this new song should be like someone writing a letter to time.  I have always been pulled to the theme of time and how it doesn’t always feel linear.  As a parent, and with the realization that I am always a part of something much bigger than myself, I feel my relationship with time continues to evolve.  I am not sure when I finished the lyrics and arrived at the actual title for the song but I believe it was within a couple of weeks after I started writing it.

Thanks to Jason Raso for creating the bass part that suited the song best and which he delivered via email and I truly appreciate you contributing your talent to my music!  The wonders of technology and how it keeps us creating together even when proximity and/or pandemics disrupts our lives.

Lastly, after the musical mix began to evolve and with the theme of the song, it became clear that the video for Dear Time should have an underlying concept similar to that of someone writing a letter to ‘Time’ by hand.  Together with the stunning choreography and dancing created by Julia Garlisi for this song, along with other visual references to the songs lyrics, the video began to take shape.  Further to this, the beautiful images posted by world renowned choreographer David Earle (some from his epic choreographic work Misere), became a part of the tapestry for the studio video of Dear Time.

I am incredibly grateful for the gift of Music and Time.

 Dear Time Live Video 

Arun Piano/Drums/Singing at Same Time