• Arun Pal Solo

    Arun Pal Solo

    Below is Arun’s Discography with a New DVD from the Music Series ‘Before Now Always’ to be released in October 2020

  • Arun with Snack!

    Arun with Snack!

    Once upon a time there was a funky little duo named "snack!" who were brought together by their love of tasty little treats, video game theme songs and shaking their flowing locks while playing rock music. They raised quite a stir playing their unique brand of "nibblecore". People often commented on the experience by screaming, "Aural splendor" - Culture focus and "Thought provoking" - Guelph Mercury. Sometimes even "Songs that make the listener think"- Chart, would echo above the sound of cupcakes being devoured.

  • Arun with Latin Fusion Trio

    Arun with Latin Fusion Trio

    The Latin Fusion Trio consisting of Neil Douglas (guitar), Suneal Pal (guitar) and Arun Pal (drums/percussion) has quickly made a name for itself. The response to their beautiful music and energetic sound has been tremendous. Together they have filled prestigious rooms across Ontario and with a combination of exceptional original material and passionate covers they leave the audience asking for […]

  • Arun with Drumming

    Arun with Drumming

    “Like fellow drummers Andy Stochansky and Hawksley Workman, Arun uses his new solo work to flex some singer-songwriter muscles”, on Once Again “his strengths as a singer, songwriter and pianist truly shine” -Michael Barclay, (Exclaim) “Arun as an artist and drummer is highly musical with schooled sensibilities.  He has great technical skill along with tremendous listening ability and appreciation for non-traditional […]

  • Arun with Modern Dance

    Arun with Modern Dance

    My Visual Music Modern dance is an art form that immediately got my attention when I was studying composition of music at Wilfrid Laurier University. Shortly after I graduated I had the good fortune of landing a job as an accompanist/composer for modern dance classed at the University of Waterloo. Starting off with a couple of classes a week I […]