Studio Gear

Oram Sonics preamps and EQ, Spirit Soundcraft console, custom Tannoy monitoring system, Delta 1010 sound cards, Roland keyboards, SWR bass head, Fender electric guitars, Taylor and Cort acoustic guitars, Yamaha and Pearl drums, LP percussion, Rode, AKG and Shure microphones.


$45 per hour editing and corporate

$40 per hour less than 4 hour blocks of time
$35 per hour bands for time blocks of 4 hours or more

Track List (links open mp3 files)

  1. Pat Skinner : This Girl In The Middle
  2. Ryan Schneider : Dreaming Again
  3. Arun Pal : Ghosts
  4. Arun Pal : Something That I Said
  5. Two Twenty Two : Alice
  6. Two Twenty Two : Rambler
  7. Matt Osborne : Reduced To Clear
  8. Matt Osborne : Amy Dudley
  9. Latin Fusion Trio : Latino Swing
  10. Any Other Day : It’s Over
  11. snack! : First Snow
  12. Suneal Pal :  Vals Venezolano
  13. Adrian and Kim : Time
  14. Adrian and Kim : Calm Down

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